In the nick of time​

After enjoying a heavy lunch with colleagues, an active middle-aged man felt uncomfortable. He chalked it up to indigestion. But, because he was an Infinity MC member, he decided to call our concierge desk to get advice. ​

Knowing his medical history, the specialist on call recommended that he head to the hospital for a check-up. Believing it probably wasn’t anything serious, he drove himself to Sandton Medi-Clinic.​

On arrival, he was met at casualty by his treating physician, who sent him for a sonar exam. An abdominal sonar picked up that he had appendicitis, and there was a risk that his appendix would have burst that night.​

He was taken straight to theatre, where he had an appendectomy (performed by an Infinity MC surgeon) and was discharged the next morning, happy, healthy and having avoided a serious medical event.​