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Do you want to offer your top talent a unique benefit that cannot be matched?

Retaining scarce talent and high-performing leaders is a critical function in any successful business. It requires constant innovation around your employee value proposition – giving your executives excellent reasons to stay.

Infinity Medical Concierge offers a bespoke service to businesses that want to offer their top talent a unique benefit that cannot be matched – an investment in their Health-Wealth journey.

Executives will receive:

Proactive health planning to identify and dynamically manage their health risks, so they live longer, healthier lives.

Holistic care that is streamlined and effective, using cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Curated access to our network of leading peer-reviewed specialists.

Personalised emergency services so they’re able to make a strong recovery from a medical event.

This kind of benefit is an essential part of a savvy risk management strategy – ensuring the well-being of valuable members of your team and mitigating the disruption that ill health can cause an organisation.

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” – Anne Wilson Schaef, clinical psychologist and bestselling author

An Infinity Medical Concierge offering is more than just an executive medical

Executive medical
Infinity Medical Concierge
Full health assessment
Detailed reporting of assessment and required follow-ups
Holistic care to ensure your health is continually monitored by your physician across all specialists
Curated access to leading specialists with referrals when required
Personalised emergency services 24/7
Proactive health planning to continually monitor and manage executives' health, and assist with all prioritised appointment bookings


Available to

Proactive health planning
Personalised emergency services
Curated access to leading specialists
Holistic care
24/7 concierge desk
Contact us to request a proposal tailored to your organisation 
Member app and electronic health records
Corporate membership benefit structure