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This service is available throughout Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Good health is essential for leading a successful life, whether “success” means building your legacy, making memories, having adventures or giving back to your community.

But in many African countries, good health can be elusive. 

Can you guarantee that the healthcare facility you’re taken to has the latest equipment and expertise? 
Are you getting access to leading medical specialists?
Do you have to fly further afield to the UK, US, India or Dubai for treatment?
How much time and energy do you spend coordinating treatment beyond the borders of your home country?

It’s time to manage your health differently. Infinity Medical Concierge is an innovative, technologically driven solution that partners with you to manage your health like a valuable asset.

We are the first service of this kind on the African continent, connecting you to curated, holistic, personalised care in South Africa.


Proactive health planning to identify and dynamically manage health risks, so you live a longer, healthier life.

Holistic care that is streamlined and effective, using cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Curated access to our network of leading peer-reviewed specialists.

Personalised emergency services so they’re able to make a strong recovery from a medical event.

How Infinity Medical Concierge works for members across the African continent

You receive a complimentary comprehensive health screening, coordinated with your next visit to South Africa
We compile a proactive health plan for you and coordinate follow-up appointments
You can contact our concierge desk 24/7 with medical enquiries, for advice or to arrange priority appointments
Download the Infinity Medical Concierge app to contact your concierge, view your health records or conduct a real-time scan of your health vitals
Proactive health planning
Member and spouse
Personalised emergency services
Remote support
Curated access to leading specialists
Member, spouse, children, parents
Holistic care
Member, spouse, children, parents
24/7 concierge desk
Member, spouse, children, parents
Member app and electronic health records
Member, spouse, children, parents
Membership to Infinity Medical Concierge in Africa covers


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Member Testimonials

“Every doctor I went to in the past noted my low iron levels but no one paid much attention to it. When I joined Infinity Medical Concierge, the specialist physician investigated the reason for this and it was eventually discovered that I had a rare form of bone marrow cancer that I was completely unaware of. This is now being treated and I’ll get to live longer thanks to Dr Adler and the team.”

Steve - Johannesburg, 66 years old

*The member’s name has been changed to protect their confidentiality

“One of the best decisions we have made for our family has been to join the Infinity Medical Concierge family. Their professionalism is unmatched, their response time is impressive and more than anything, to know that you get access to the best specialists in the country is truly priceless. I also love that you can give feedback after each consultation, which allows you to voice concerns. The experience has truly been great thus far, and I am hoping for a long-lasting relationship with the team.”

Willow - Johannesburg, 66 years old

*The member’s name has been changed to protect their confidentiality

“Infinity Medical Concierge takes the stress and guesswork out of already difficult situations. We finally feel that someone cares and has our back, and we no longer worry about ending up in incompetent hands in an emergency. Their service has been exceptional and I would highly recommend it.”

Amanda - Johannesburg, 42 years old

*The member’s name has been changed to protect their confidentiality