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We invest a great deal of time and money when planning the perfect getaway. The perfect setting. The perfect service. The perfect food. But it’s often the things we don’t think about that can have the biggest effect on whether we enjoy that dream holiday.

What’s the biggest factor we often forget? Our health

A chronic condition. A heart attack. A car accident. A snake bite.

Medical events can turn the most luxurious adventure into a traumatic experience – unless you have prepared for the unexpected. 

Infinity Medical Concierge strives to ensure that whatever the event, you will have the best priority, personalised, holistic care in South Africa, with just a single phone call.

How Infinity Medical Concierge partners with you on your Health-Wealth journey

We protect and manage your most valuable asset – your health – through curated, personalised, high-quality care.

Infinity Medical Concierge works alongside your existing medical aid or travel insurance to greatly improve the quality of care you receive.

Infinity Medical Concierge for Travellers to South Africa

Regular healthcare
Infinity Medical Concierge
Personalised emergency services 
Priority access to leading medical specialists in South Africa
24/7 concierge desk to assist with basic medical queries, advice and telemedicine support
Expert coordination and ongoing communication between healthcare professionals and families

Protecting your Health-Wealth journey every step of the way

You collapse while
touring the winelands.

The lodge or a family member
contacts Infinity Medical
on your behalf.

Working alongside your travel insurance, our team helps coordinate emergency services to come to your aid. We ensure
paramedics are apprised of your
medical history.

We coordinate your care so that you’re expertly cared for by seasoned specialists with proven track records.

We keep your loved
ones in the loop every
step of the way.

We monitor your progress,
coordinating follow-up
and access
to medication and medical
equipment as needed.


Travellers to South Africa are covered at a cost of R180 per person, per day.
Cover commences on your arrival in South Africa
Cover ends on your departure from South Africa
All medical and medevac costs will be for your own account and may be covered by your travel/health insurance
All pricing is inclusive of VAT