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We work alongside your existing medical aid to guide you on your Health-Wealth journey, providing:

Proactive health planning by closely screening and monitoring your health and compiling a dynamic, proactive health plan.

This plan is updated as you progress on your Health-Wealth journey.

Holistic care by assessing your health data and coordinating your medication and treatment

Your care is overseen by your physician, collating your treating doctors’ notes.

Curated access to South Africa’s leading peer-reviewed specialists in all medical areas.

Personalised emergency services to coordinate priority access to the best specialists, who are equipped with your latest, most accurate health data.

Why do I need this?

Our current healthcare systems are reactive: they treat you when you’re sick; they don’t keep you well and healthy.

Even if you’re on a top-tier health plan, getting access to the best healthcare requires time, knowledge and expertise. With Infinity Medical Concierge you leave the management of your health to the experts.

We navigate the system on your behalf, guiding your Health-Wealth journey based on a proactive plan, helping you live a longer, healthier life.

How does our service work?


You receive a complimentary comprehensive healthcare screening that forms the basis of a proactive health plan to maintain and improve your Health-Wealth journey.

We coordinate all your healthcare needs – from setting up appointments to providing access to our 24/7 concierge desk that is available for advice, queries or emergencies.


Contact our 24/7 concierge desk and we take care of everything.


View your medical records
Contact us in an emergency or to set up an appointment
View your upcoming appointments
Access your health plan
Proactive health planning
Member and spouse
Personalised emergency services
Member, spouse, children, parents
Curated access to leading specialists
Member, spouse, children, parents
Holistic care
Member and spouse
24/7 concierge desk
Member, spouse, children, parents
*Children must be dependants on member’s medical aid
Member app and electronic health records
Member, spouse, children, parents
Premium membership benefit structure


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